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Respect to Dream Chasers


On the afternoon of March 19, 2019, the 8th Fourth Congress of Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association and the 6th Expanded Meeting of the 8th Council were held in the Huaxia Hall of Wuzhou Hotel. Association members, representatives of industry and enterprises, and news media attended the annual meeting

The chairman of Caijian Plastic Masterbatch Factory was invited to attend the meeting.Awarding Industry Love Contribution Award to Chairman of Caijianshi Masterbatch Factory。

Colourful masterbatch manufacturer adhering to the spirit of never forgetting the beginning, craftsmen, do a good job of colorful color masterbatch for everyone


Föregående: How to use How to use free spray masterbatch material Nästa: 2019.3.15- Zhejiang Yiwu Membrane Machine Color Masterbatch Exhibition

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